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Kataku is in part inspired by the stucture of Japanese homes - hence its name. Japanese architecture is a work of art with an emphasis on man's relationship with nature. This was captured in essence of this in the solid lines around the ring. The ring itself symbolises the circle of life and interconnectedness of all things. The piece was fashioned to remind us that no matter where life takes us, we will always find our way to somewhere we can call and feel at home. For Kataku is the place that we belong. A pace we truly matter. A place of bliss and peace.


Material: Bronze, Gold plated or Sterling Silver The ring is beautifully made to order ring (handmade to fit your size) and will take 10 working days to finish.


    • Store each item of jewellery separately in a storage box or bag to avoid scratches.
    • Avoid exposing your jewellery to perfumes, creams, oils and household chemicals.
    • Wear your jewellery after you have sprayed your perfume on your body
    • Keep chains fastened and lay them flat to prevent tangle.
    • Remove all jewellery before showering or swimming
    • Clean your jewellery regularly using warm soap and water and the jewellery cloth provided with your purchase.
    • Do not use the jewellery cloth on plated jewellery. 
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