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The Bloom collection offers timeless pieces that put emphasis on one's uniqueness. Embodied by a common daisy, each jewellery captures the essence of an individual longing for belongingness in a world that seem to prioritise glitz and glamour. Yet, how can we find acceptance if we don't appreciate our own? The coloured stones embellishing the pendant symbolise a cascade of perfection sparked by the willingness to care for oneself.

Daisies might look plain and simple, but their uniqueness is magnified when they Bloom. Each one of us owns a one-of-a-kind radiance, waiting to come out. Occasionally, it lets out a glimmer which can be seen in our words, actions, and even in the way we think. The only thing holding us back from appreciating ourselves is watching others Bloom. If we focus on our progress and acknowledge that flowers Bloom at different times, we can summon our brilliance and let it burst like glitters in the sky. Through the crystal drop and embedded gems, the Bloom collection can let you shine through.

For advocates of self-love for those who are in emotional turmoil at present, and for those simply wanting for a bejewelled companion: let Bloom be your light-a reminder of your innate and eternal charm for when days get hazy.


The Bloom stud necklace made of 925 Sterling Silver or 18k Gold Vermiel is everything you are looking for in an elegant look that instantly transforms your style, making you look elegant.


Compatible With : Bloom stud earrings

Collection: Bloom

Metal : Sterling Silver or 18k Gold filled with Swarovski cyrstals

Product type: Necklace and earrings

Length: 20 inches

Bloom Crystal Set

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