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The Gift of Layering

Updated: May 25, 2022

Have you noticed the new trend with necklaces?

I sure have...and it's called LAYERING!

The best is when you add in that gorgeous looking paper clip style in the mix! I'm personally yet to own one you know (shocks!!). Think I'm wating to actually just make one for myself.

Anyways, back to the topic, layers!!! So here are a few simple rules to follow.

Step 1: Place the mid size pendant necklace just below your T bone. It's the centre piece but shouldn't take all the attention 🤗

Step 2: Throw in the chocker piece, the one closest to the neck. Always a good idea to put have a gemstone dangling ✔️

Step 3: The last one should be just on or above the chest area. Always a good idea to have this pendant the largest. 🖤

Bonus Point💥: Everything has to cascade down. Don’t have two chains that are the same length — if they’re almost the same, they’ll just cancel each other out and hit each other.

Happy Layering!!!


Karin 🖤

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