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Caring is Pearling

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

As Grace Kelly has once said ''The pearl is the queen of gems and the gems of queen''. I certainly cannot agree more.

That being said, it is necessary that we love these delicate gem stones as much as possible. Unlike diamonds which are formed under very hot temperature, pearls do not like heat. They are gentle, as gentle as a cool breeze I'll say. So here are the tips to love them purposefully.

  1. Keep them close to your skin. Yes, I said that. You know why? It is because these little 'perkily perkles' (I just came up with that word) need the oils from your skin to retain its lustre. Wait!, before you go dashing oil all over it....Please stop. except you are polishing this with natural oil (which to be honest is rear), you are doing it no good.

  2. Just like every Jewellery, keep away from FIRE (I kid). Keep away from fragrance. if you are like me, who forgets this same advice, just take off your jewellery and start you dressing process again (OUCH!)

  3. Pearls are really delicate (I feel I need to scream this at the highest mountain). So please, use the pouch you get when you purchase our products to protect them from getting scratched unnecessarily.

Its a Friday evening and I am ready to unwind. If you do not remember anything at all from what I have written down. Please remember ...CARING IS PEARLING .

Lots of Love, KARIN

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